Health Care Stats-apalooza

I’m in a stats mood again –I saw a bit of a paradoxical nightmare. Consumer health care debt in the good ole USA sits at $200 BILLION.  $200,000,000,000.00. Here ya go, 66.5% of ALL personal bankruptcies filed in this country are the direct result of medical debt. We’re talking well over a MILLION cases. How good is that for your health?! That’s enough stress to kill you.

Why?, you ask. That’s a complicated answer. At its root, is it the flawed philosophy of Western medicine? Lack of personal accountability? Longevity? Plain ol’ greed? I know this: the more regulation at the federal level, the worse it gets. Unfortunately, I don’t see any significant changes on the horizon.

It’s football season and Covid-19 has dropped to 4th in the Top Ten causes of death in this country, and influenza is ranked as high as 8th depending on whose rankings you look at.  Influenza must have been over-ranked for many years, or under-ranked currently. Coach Fauci and his gain-of function assistants did a really good job. And, of note, cancer and heart disease remain #1 and #2 with a total of 45% of the 3.2 million deaths annually in the US.

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Dr. Dan Kammer