Dr Dan gets a "thumbs up" from customers.

What are patients saying about Dr. Dan?

Here are a few reviews from Facebook, Google, and Square:

"What does a 73 year old Marine that still likes to lift weights need? I found him, it's Dr. Dan! Thanks Sir, you helped put me back together." - George F.


"Awesome dude and HIGHLY recommended by us. Our son races Motocross and chiropractic care is key to our program. When down here training Dr Daniel is our go to guy 👍🏻" - Michael F.


"I always can get in right way. Whatever problem I am having, he takes the time to explain exactly where the issue is and how what he is doing will help. No insurance required." - Briana K.


"Honestly best experience I've had with a chiropractor. Extremely helpful, patient and understanding when it comes to making adjustments. My wife and I try to go at least once or twice a month and constantly look forward to it." - Joe K.


"One of the best chiropractors I've ever been adjusted by. He actually listens and tailors your adjustment to your specific concern for that day, as well as what he detects in his evaluation. Dr. Dan's approach is competent and reassuring. I always come away with improvement and a sense well being. Thank you Dr. Dan." - Dawn L.


"Dr. Dan gave me an awesome adjustment today!! He is very thorough, educated, and unique with his techniques. As a license massage therapist, I have had a lot of different chiropractic adjustments and worked very closely side by side, I would definitely recommend him for your chiropractic needs. Thank you, Dr Dan" - Julie B.