The Story of Harvey Lillard

Published in 1910, “The Chiropractor’s Adjuster”, tells the story of D.D. Palmer delivering the first ever chiropractic adjustment. The recipient of that adjustment was a black janitor by the name of Harvey Lillard. Mr. Lillard suffered documented hearing loss after an incident 17 years prior when he was in a cramped position and felt something pop in his spine. He sought the advice of many doctors over the years but eventually gave up on hearing normally again.

D.D. Palmer, intrigued by the case, worked to convince Mr. Lillard to allow him to perform an adjustment. Mr. Lillard agreed. The adjustment restored Mr. Lillard’s hearing. The date widely accepted for this incident is Sept. 18, 1895.

If you think this sounds far-fetched, Harvey Lillard was interviewed directly about the incident and confirmed that D.D. Palmer delivered two adjustments to him and eight months later was still hearing quite well.

Of course, not all causes of hearing loss originate with misalignments of the spine.  Hearing losses associated with the spine are collectively called vertebrogenic hearing disorders. These disorders can be improved with chiropractic adjustments, just as Harvey Lillard’s hearing was.

Every chiropractor knows the story of Harvey Lillard, and now you do too!

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