Heat, humidity, and joints.

Given the age of the average patient in this office, I hear with regularity that the weather plays a role in the way people physically feel– particularly in the joints– arthritic joints.

The complaints can be opposite in some patients, but the thing we all dislike the most is COLD weather. Geographically we have the cold problem solved, mostly in that we live in a subtropical environment which can also be staggeringly HUMID.

The research isn’t conclusive to support weather related symptom exacerbation– but you know it when you got it!  The studies that supported increased joint pain and stiffness did implicate HUMIDITY as the most likely culprit. Basically, it has something to do with the expansion and contraction of the small muscles, ligaments and tendons– on top of joints that weren’t moving so great to begin with. It makes sense some people would suffer– especially in the world of autoimmune or fibromyalgia type disorders.

For me personally, I prefer the way my body feels in hot, humid air. I also really enjoy how warm the gulf waters are. With that said, I have fortunately spent my entire life in the deep south– I’m kinda wired for it. We’re all different. Thank goodness!

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Stay well adjusted,

Dr. Dan Kammer