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It’s summer. The sun is shining (most days) and you are out and about enjoying all this beautiful area has to offer.

When you are away from your well-stocked fridge, it’s not always easy to find healthy foods offered while on the go. These five foods are easy to find when you’re outside and enjoying life, some of which are offered at that well-known coffee shop, and some fast-food restaurants, as well as the pre-made section of most grocery stores. Some you can even make the night before and take with you.

Oats. Good Morning America recently featured three simple and delicious meals, two of which feature oats, that you can make the night before, and take with you.

Berries, leafy greens, apples, and garlic and onions. By now you’ve heard of the health benefits of antioxidant-boosting foods so I won’t recount them here. Full of cancer-fighting phytochemicals, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals these foods are shown to lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar levels, among other nutritional benefits. They are also on the list of alkaline foods.

What you eat affects the way you feel. High-alkaline diets have been shown to reduce the inflammation that causes pain and disease.

I’m here for you when you need me.

Smile and be well,
Dr. Dan

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