Drinking Water

A Spinal Column

With the stunning problems created by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, I thought I’d remind you that water isn’t all bad. Here are a few of the benefits of drinking water:

1.) Drinking water keeps you young by hydrating your skin from the inside.

2.) Drinking water helps you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and burn stored fat.

3.) Drinking water helps you build muscle by carrying oxygen to the cells of your body, including those of your muscles.

4.) Drinking water makes you smarter by raising oxygen levels to your brain for optimum cognitive performance.

5.) Drinking water is good for your joints by keeping your joints strong, healthy and lubricated.
My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and those in the path of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

I’m here when you need me.

Smile and be well,
Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan’s Thought…

The ole “8 8-oz glasses of water a day” is a good starting point. Most studies I read suggest almost twice that much.

“The sound of water is worth more than all the poets’ words.”
– Octavio Paz