Blue Angels vs Gravity

Living where we do, the encounters with the famed Blue Angels flight team are common, yet awe-inspiring every time. For me, the marvel is not in the machines but in the men who operate them. Certainly the speed at which they can travel is amazing, but the volume of maneuvers they perform within one show is remarkable. It always begs the question, how do their bodies withstand that much force without adverse events?

These pilots can not have even one moment of disorientation, much less loss of consciousness which would almost certainly result in tragedy.

Well, just like the aircraft they operate, the pilots are fine-tuned machines as well. Of course, there are no real secrets here, it is a combination of diet, which includes constant hydration, clean eating, highly specific weight training, damn good DNA, and constant training. There are several techniques they must master to be able to tolerate upwards of 7 Gs (gravity X 7), and then know exactly when to employ them while going 700 mph upside down while banking and then going into a loop! Could the average person’s body tolerate that force? No. That’s why we stop and watch every single time we see them. We are in awe. Every single time.

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Stay well adjusted,

Dr. Dan Kammer