Why I became a chiropractor

I became a chiropractor because I’m a bit of a cynic. I question traditional methods, studies, and protocols – particularly in health care – questioning traditional methods and studies are how advances in health care are made.

We see conflicting information constantly – more so the older you get. Studies can be easily manipulated to produce desired outcomes (think Big Pharma). Procedures can be deemed “successful” with very low success rates.

As a chiropractor, I apply the science that proves “structure effects function”. A pretty reasonable idea.

Cleveland Clinic recently published a study of 120,000 people and their fitness levels related to how long they lived. Guess what? People who exercise regularly live longer. Beyond that, the study found that ANY exercise improved quality of life and longevity. Also a pretty reasonable idea.

See your chiropractor and exercise, even if it’s the occasional pushup when you fall.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay well adjusted,

Dr. Dan