Why go to a Chiropractor?

Why go to a chiropractor? There are lots of reasons patients call us, but mostly pain is the motivator. However, with those in pain, there are two types of cases, ACUTE and CHRONIC:

  • Acute cases are sudden onset issues like a sprained ankle, a broken bone, the flu, or a laceration.
  • Chronic cases are long-developing and include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis.

With the examples above, please note that heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are the three leading causes of death in this country. The ARTHRITIS in that list is obviously the most prevalent CHRONIC condition that comes in this office.

However, the average patient in this office presents with both types of cases simultaneously-- ACUTE and CHRONIC.  You may have heard me say that you are suffering an ACUTE flare-up of a CHRONIC condition.  So, short-term symptom relief care addresses the acute component, and corrective/maintenance care addresses the chronic component.

If the chronic component of a patient's care is never attained then we generally see the acute component continue to repeat itself over time.  As in osteoporosis (chronic) contributing to a fractured bone (acute).  As in degenerative spinal arthritis (chronic) contributing to severe low back pain (acute), headache (acute), sciatic nerve pain (acute)... The list goes on and on of the acute symptoms we see that are ultimately the result of a chronic condition.

Chronic conditions of the human spine and frame make us vulnerable.  I assure you, the vast majority of my patients are suffering from one or more chronic conditions that contributed to their “new” or “worse than ever” problem.  Part of that is simple, longevity and gravity over time = spinal arthritis.

Ideally, chiropractic care will help you address your ACUTE flare-up while addressing your CHRONIC condition.  And as a reminder, CHRONIC conditions are managed over time, they are not eliminated.

Make a commitment to your health today.

Stay well adjusted,

Dr. Dan Kammer