Once Upon A Time…

Last month marked five years that have passed since I obtained this practice from the late Dr. Norm Tweiten. What a blessing! I'm extremely fortunate to practice and live here along the coast. I truly enjoy being on the water, going to the beach, and playing a little golf here and there. Further, I have family in the area that I get to see often.

You may not know the story of how Dr. Norm and I met. We met many years ago because my mother was a patient of his. During a visit to the coast, I stopped by Dr. Norm's office to "approve" my mother's chiropractor. We became good friends over the next several years and I would visit him once or twice a year and we would talk weekly on the phone. We had hatched a plan to transition the practice someday. Unfortunately, Dr. Norm fell ill in 2016 and was forced into a quick retirement and we were forced into some quick decision making. I moved from Tennessee with one week's notice. Dr. Norm, a man of informality and wisdom, left me the keys to the office under the mat at the front door. The next day, with no notice at all to anyone, patients began walking in the door (Thank you!) - to find a new doctor in place of Dr. Norm.

I love the practice of chiropractic--it's a challenge every day. But beyond that, I love chiropractic patients. I appreciate the health concerns that walk through our door daily and the decisions you made that brought you here.  I've tried to create an environment where I would be comfortable as a patient myself.  I'm proud of our new clinic location and I look forward to many more years in beautiful Lillian, AL!

Enough about me... let's hear from the other members of my team.
Stay well adjusted,

Dr. Dan Kammer


Jenny Li, LMT

A question I’ve heard many times since I began practicing massage at Dr. Dan’s office back in December is, “Who’s that wild-haired gal buzzing about the office?” Well, here are some details about me…

I’ve been practicing massage for almost two years. I become a therapist because I wanted to help people feel and function better.

About four years ago, I began an intense fitness program called Crossfit, and I pushed myself pretty hard. Though I did everything I’d been taught to help my body recover, it wasn’t enough. So, I broke down and booked a massage. A few months later it had made such a significant difference in my life that I began to regard it as a necessary part of quality health care for each and every person. Since I like helping others and ‘fixing’ things, I decided it would be a good career choice for me.

I am almost local. I was born and raised across the bay in Mobile County. My husband and I, and our two dogs, moved to Lillian about six years ago.

When I am not serving patients, I am committed to fitness and practice Olympic Weightlifting five days a week. Beyond that, I am an instrumental and vocal musician who crochets, reads, and loves to sit by the bay while waves lap the shore.