Natural Remedies for Back Pain

As I'm sure you've heard me mention before, I am not a fan of prescription medications for back pain, or any other pain management system that keeps one taking substances that may be doing more harm than good, not to mention creating addictions.

Excerpted from The Spine Institute:

"One of the biggest disadvantages of taking pain meds for back pain is that you’re relying on a short-term solution. What painkillers do best is mask pain, but they don’t treat the underlying source of the spine-related discomfort. Additional drawbacks to consider when weighing your options with pain meds include:

• It’s a passive treatment – When you take pain meds, you’re not actively treating or addressing the source of your back pain, which means you’re not doing anything to target spine-supporting muscles or promote the healing process.

• Higher doses are needed over time – Your body can build up a natural resistance to certain pain meds, especially opioids. If this happens, you may find yourself needing higher doses of your meds to produce the same level of relief, which also increases the potential for side effects and complications.

• There’s always the potential for dependence and addiction – The longer you use opioid painkillers, the greater your odds are of developing a dependence on them. For this reason, any strong painkillers should be used with caution (e.g., following dosage instructions and reporting any side effects to your doctor)."

Medications, even other-the-counter analgesics, also negatively affect your liver, heart, stomach, and veins.

These are some of the reasons I advocate for natural solutions, such as regular chiropractic care, exercise, and a healthy diet. Below are a couple articles offering healthier alternatives. As always, consult with your doctor before stopping any medication.

Stay well adjusted,

Dr. Dan Kammer


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