Do Chiropractors Go To Other Chiropractors?

A patient asked me, "Do you go to a chiropractor, Doc?"  Of course, I said, "Yes." My personal care has included regular chiropractic adjustments for over 30 years. Ideally, I get adjusted weekly.

"Do chiropractors get back pain?" My answer was the same: Yes. I've recently had an issue that has confused and stumped my favorite chiropractors and doctors - no one knows for certain what to do. Honestly, it's frustrating. It's not too hard to name a disorder or condition - but what do I do to fix it? What should I not do?

Fully half of the patients that walk in this office with acute neck or low back pain assuredly state they didn't do anything at all that caused their pain - now that's confusing, isn't it?

So, all we can do is the best we can with the information we have at the time. I continue to see my chiropractor, and I also utilize acupuncture, massage therapy, stretching, weight lifting, walking, cryotherapy, cupping, meditation, electric stim, cold laser, and supplements. I like to increase my chances of improvement, so doing everything I can think of to increase wellness in all aspects of my life seems the smartest thing to do. What if I didn't try to address my condition at all? To me, that's - well, silly.

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Stay well adjusted,

Dr. Dan