CBDs, and Essential Oils

CBD, essential oils. These are hot topics these days, and all anyone seems to talk about.

(First, a disclaimer about the following statements: These are my opinions, and not to be taken as an endorsement OR a prescription. Please do your own research and proceed as YOU feel best benefits your unique situation.)

Q: Is CDB safe?

Q. Is CBD effective?

Like most compounds, CBD effects the body in a variety of ways. The chemistry behind CBD is beyond the scope of this article. CBD is a naturally occurring compund found in the hemp and marijuana family of plants. THC in marijuana can get you "high". CBD can not get you high. They can be in the same plant (along with hundreds of other compounds), but they are different. Like how water is a liquid, and alcohol is a liquid - they are both liquids, but only one gets you drunk.

If you are considering trying CDB, go ahead. It can have an effect on pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, inflammation, and the list goes on. Of course, nothing works for everyone.

The same FDA and Big Pharma professionals questioning the efficacy and safety of CBD oversee products that kill 100,000 people every year. Big Pharma downplays the side effects of questionable drugs, but cries foul about the lack of evidence and the side effects of many less expensive, healthier supplements and homeopathic remedies. The most notable side effect of CBD? The bottom line of the big pharmaceutical companies.

I've watched friends and patients die from prescription drug addiction. So, if there is a plant that's been utilized for 6,000 years that may help, I will - and have - use it for my health.

Make a commitment to your health today.

Stay well adjusted,

Dr. Dan